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Amman, Jordan

Main Offices

 Ground floor, Building no. 15, 
Mufleh Al-Assaf Street, Tla’Ali, Amman - Jordan

Tel: + 962 6 5353287 

Mobile: 0795264882

Fax: + 962 6 5335395
Email: anis@gsest.com

Website: www.gsest.com

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Capture co2

TakeCO2 Project uses the CO2 captured from the ground, air and industry byproducts to produce a series of products specialized to Jordan minerals and environment. Starting from Potassium Carbonate, Sodium Carbonate and Lithium Carbonate to finally produce fuel cells and energy products.

K2CO3 is a short way of representing potassium carbonate or PotCarb as it is widely used now, Although it is known by several other names, the chemical formula is the most definitive way to confirm this compound. Some of alternate nomenclature that may be used includes: PC, carbonate of potash, pearl ash and carbonic acid, dipotassium salt.