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Amman, Jordan

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 Ground floor, Building no. 15, 
Mufleh Al-Assaf Street, Tla’Ali, Amman - Jordan

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Email: anis@gsest.com

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Captured carbon is utilized in the production of potassium carbonate in granular and liquid form to satisfy the requirements of customers. Each material conforms to the high standards of chemical purity and physical properties essential for our extensive and varied customer base. Potassium Products’ anhydrous potassium carbonate is white, dustless, dense, free-flowing granular product. Potassium carbonate has numerous uses.

GLOBAL SMART started a green project to fully operate the factory on solar energy. The solar panels cost is going down and down, which makes the solar energy cheaper for utilization. In addition to that, all motors inside the factory works by inverters to save power and all lights are made from led for energy save. The materials used inside the factory are eco-friendly and used based on less effects on environment. Also Mafraq Industrial city is the biggest solar energy farm located in Jordan. It is an eco-industrial city and we are proud that our factory located in this industrial area.

For any client who’s interested to have more data, you can enjoy our eco-products manual on how we do the best to save the environment, reduce carbon emissions and save the water usage.

Environmental Steps


The worldwide no. 1: Tube 2018


16~20 April 2018

Oil & Gas Africa held in South Africa is considered one of main hub for Oil & Gas  


11~13 July 2018

One of main water expo located in Dubai is wetex ,our water pipes presented there

23~25 Oct 2018

WETEX 2018